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The Night with the Best Sea View---POTATO LED the Honor Enjoy Cocktail Party Ended Successfully
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On January 7th, “The Night with the Best Sea View---POTATO LED the Honor Enjoy Cocktail Party” ended successfully in Hong Kong. Hundreds of industry insiders, including many leaders of top investment institutions, exchanges, well-known project, community leaders, media and other block-chain industry leaders came to the site to participate in the event.

 “The Night with the Best Sea View---POTATO LED the Honor Enjoy Cocktail Party” was hosted by Potato Chat, which is the world's leading group in social communication, payment and content value exchange. Zhang Peng, chief operating officer of potato and co-founder of DCF, and Wang Zongli, CEO of DCF Asia Pacific region and father of success science both attended the party.

At the beginning of the party, Mr. Jia Ming, COO of Potato delivered a speech, "Over the past 10 years, block-chain ideas and technologies have changed our life and make us full of longing for the future. Block chain has made people's expectations for a better future no longer unreachable. The evolution and innovation of block chain technology will greatly subvert the unfairness and opacity in the digital field. Faced with the great wave of the development transformation of digital economy, new capital and new wealth models will be sure to emerge and the seven point cycle of the big bang of wealth will also change."

COO of Potato, Mr. Jia Ming said that with the development of information globalization, Potato redefines value exchange so as to find innovative solutions from a unique perspective.  In response to the national policy spirit of "seizing the new opportunity of the digital economy development in the era, innovating for development, creating the future through science and technology, and giving full play to all aspects of the role of the digital economy industry", the theme of this cocktail party calls on the industry to actively innovate, adapt to the changes, and welcome the big era of the digital economy industry.

Then, the head of Potato introduced the original intention and planning concept of Potato Chat, and said that Potato was looking forward to cooperating with more industry users to jointly create a better future for Potato Chat.

As a communication software platform with block chain as the underlying technology support, Potato Chat is a popular instant messaging software in Southeast Asia. Endorsed by a great deal of social needs, Potato Chat's global social public chain is devoted to solving the problems of the existing public social pain. CCTC-Bulk Commodity Chain is determined to provide safe, stable and efficient one-stop three-dimensional services for the majority of industry users. Based on block chain P2P networking protocols, consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms, distributed storage and other technologies, it aims to build a global leading social service platform integrating block chain technology.

The emergence of Potato Chat has redefined people’s communication method and mode of payment, which can solve the trust problem in the process of communication and meets the needs of mutual exchange between people At the same time, the interaction between the application scene and the real world can eliminate the difficulty in the implementation of the block chain resource application. It is committed to building a social payment ecological platform with full dimension payment, free social interaction, personal privacy, wealth consensus and trust mechanism. Potato Chat is of importance to Southeast Asia, especially in the pan-entertainment industry. According to public records, Potato Chat currently has more than 10 million active users.

As the special guest of this party, Zhang Peng, co-founder of DCF (CEO of DCF Asia Pacific) expressed his views on "development opportunities of financial and economic system based on block chain technology". According to Zhang Peng, the block chain is mainly used in five major fields including digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management and digital asset trading. In other words, whoever can promote the block chain landing in these areas as soon as possible is able to grasp the industry dividend.

Zhang Peng, co-founder of DCF (CEO of DCF Asia Pacific Region), said, "Whoever owns the technology can succeed!  If the block chain technology cannot be associated with the real economy, there will be no future. At present, the path of enterprise transformation and upgrading is very critical, while block chain technology will become a great opportunity to help traditional enterprises enter the digital economy era!"

The performances of Jazz band and folk singers set off a wave of climax at the party. There are many influential preachers, leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the industry and senior investors of the industry in the block chain industry gathering in “The Night with the Best Sea View---POTATO LED the Honor Enjoy Cocktail Party “ to talk about the industry trend and overlook the business future. In addition, there are more than 10 media at home and abroad to report at the party.

The Night with the Best Sea View---POTATO LED the Honor Enjoy Cocktail Party” strives to build a harmonious communication platform for every honorable guests, so that more people can deeply understand the high-quality, high-performance services of Potato, and exchange the current status of the block chain industry, so as to promote the exchanges and cooperation of Potato with users in various industries. As a "cross-border" party of Potato with the industry, the successful party further promoted the spread of Potato's high-efficiency and security concepts. In addition, the implementation of related projects will also deepen the integration of block chain technology and the Potato social public chain. It is believed that Potato will have a positive and far-reaching influence on the development and transformation of the block chain.

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